My first published short story, “Corvus conjurax“, appears on pages 126-131 of Volume 42, No. I of Canadian literary journal Prairie Fire. If you like crows, tea, and quiet surrealism, you might like this.

In spring, the crow tree’s boughs are grey and bare. The crows, returning from winter vacation, line the smooth limbs until the tree’s nakedness is hidden away from the world. Last season’s wardrobe may be crumbling over the exposed tops of the roots, but the tree is resplendent in a dressing gown of stylish obsidian feathers.

My own dressing gown is black watered silk, swirling with featherlike patterns. I wear it out to the balcony sometimes, to feel the wind lifting its hem. Covering my bark with facsimile wings helps me conjure caffeinated lightheadedness into a sensation approaching flight.”

Extract from “Corvus conjurax” © 2021, M. A. Blanchard

Forthcoming Fiction:

My story “Work Orders” will appear in a future volume of the Bikes in Space feminist SFF anthology series.