#sfstoryoftheday 2021 mixtape

#sfstoryoftheday 2021 yearend mixtape Since I started #sfstoryoftheday on February 13, 2021, I have read and tweeted about 322 new-to-me speculative stories. I liked them all; I don’t share the stories I don’t like, I just keep reading until something clicks. Please know that if I shared a story of yours I thought it was... Continue Reading →

Lucky Number 101 Part 2: Rejections

Last time I posted about the number 101, I had just made my hundred and first submission of something I wrote to someplace I hoped would publish it. Today I've passed a different post: the (in)famous first hundred rejections (plus one, because I prefer palindromic numbers). When I reached 101 submissions, I had amassed--in just... Continue Reading →

SF Novella of the Month, October 2021: Rookfield

The #sfnovellaofthemonth for October 2021 is Rookfield by Gordon B. White, forthcoming from Journalstone’s Trepidatio Publishing imprint. I’ve never been a big horror reader. I’m too easily frightened to find much pleasure in adding fictional terrors to the real shadows I’m already jumping at every time I move, breathe, or catch a glimpse of something... Continue Reading →

Lucky(?) Number 101

Today marks my hundred and first submission of something I wrote to some place I hope will pay me money for the privilege(?) of printing my words. I have a thing for palindromic numbers, so I'm choosing to view this particular goalpost as auspicious.During the nearly two years since I started submitting my writing to... Continue Reading →

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