Hi, I’m Ariel. I write and review as M. A. Blanchard, and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram as @inquisitrix.

I am a linguist by training and a surrealist by inclination. I exist–most of the time–somewhere in Mi’kma’ki. I am a forager of wilds both outer and interior. I am also an obsessive reader of all things quirky, uncanny, eerie, esoteric, rare; a compulsive writer of stories about impossible lives; a feral swamp thing; a creature of the night.

I curate #sfstoryoftheday on Twitter. Writers with work published in freely-readable digital SFFH magazines are welcome to suggest their pieces. I also review the #sfnovellaofthemonth on this site.

My fiction has appeared in Prairie Fire magazine and is forthcoming in Dark Matter Magazine and Bikes in Space. I also write “From the Archives”, an SFFH recommendation column that appears in Fusion Fragment magazine, and read submissions for Stelliform Press.