Recently published fiction: “False Gills” in Uncharted Magazine.
Forthcoming fiction: “Scintillae” in Dark Matter Magazine.

What do I get out of tweeting about what I read?

I was trying to explain #sfstoryoftheday to someone recently, and they asked me what I get out of it. My first impulse was to say that I don’t get anything out of it–I just do it because I like stories–but I also like to examine first impulses before I assume they are rooted in truth…. Continue Reading →

#sfstoryoftheday 2021 mixtape

#sfstoryoftheday 2021 yearend mixtape Since I started #sfstoryoftheday on February 13, 2021, I have read and tweeted about 322 new-to-me speculative stories. I liked them all; I don’t share the stories I don’t like, I just keep reading until something clicks. Please know that if I shared a story of yours I thought it was… Continue Reading →

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