Tips For Freeing Up Space In Your Cluttered Computer

Posted on November 11, 2016 By

Clutter in your computer and laptop are worse to see and even harder to clean up than your room clutter. Keeping your computer clutter takes a huge toll on the performance on your computer, whether at your workplace or your home. Files fragment, temporary files get created, and programs end up taking up too much space. Within a month of buying a laptop, half the storage would be gone. In order to make your computer function properly you have to get rid of the items that are sticking when you do not even want them to.
Get a tune up program
There are multiple computer tune up programs available, and you have to make your choice by reading a lot of reviews and getting to know the program. If you need a lot of services from the program then you will need to pay for license in most cases. By analyzing the disk space of your computer you can figure out which items are taking up most of the space. It also cleans out your registry, defragments your reliable hard drive and has a lot of options for you to try out and keep your computer decluttered. Usually a tune up program will also take care of forgotten files and hidden files and ask you about keeping them or deleting.
Get rid of temporary files
Temporary files are useful especially in the case of emails and using a web browser as it will keep your history and such along with attachments. If you have downloaded and attachment or something that you do not want staying in your system, then get rid of it through the folder it is saved in. usually browser cache and history can be deleted through the browser settings. For browsers you can get the browser cleaner software/ add-ons separately too. These will take care of the useless things that end up taking up space when you browse through different websites.
Delete the duplicate files
Sometimes your computer has a habit of duplicating the files installed or stored inside (and especially in the case of a virus). This can happen in external flash drive and other storage items as well. Sometimes you download the same file twice or thrice because you did not save it somewhere you will remember it. So in the case of forgotten files and re-downloading the same item, you will have two files in your computer. Get rid of these using duplicate files remover tools or a tune up wizard.Usually installing a tune up wizard and paying the fee for registering can come in handy in keeping your computer decluttered. Ask your friends and read reviews online to decide on the one you think is best.

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