Leasing Tips For Expats

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For expats who are residing in foreign countries, travelling can become a hassle if they always need to wait for taxis and other paid rides. A great way to travel around will be to lease your own vehicle.

Reasons to Lease There are many reasons as to why expats who are residing in a foreign land would want to opt for a lease. Car leases include the maintenance and the insurance, expats can select the car of their choice and select packages that best suit their needs. Leasing a car can be especially useful if you are looking at a long term stay and need your own vehicles to travel about.

The Deal Here is how to make the most of your expat car leasing in Singapore. Most people are not aware that you can negotiate when you sign a leasing agreement. So do negotiate with the dealer to ensure that you get the upper end of the deal. The next major strategy that you can use when you lease a vehicle is to look for a vehicle with a high resale value. This will help you minimize the depreciation cost and have a vehicle with a high value at the end of the lease.

Extra CostsThere are other costs that are involved when you lease a vehicle. Since the insurance is managed by the company, they will opt for the best insurance policy which might be a little higher than the regular insurance policy that you would opt for. Sometime you will be required to pay an acquisition fee when you lease a car. Dealer fees, registration fees and other title fees can also be a part of the deal. A security fee which is a refundable deposit might also be applicable in certain cases.

Avoid ScamsBeing an expat might mean that you are unaware of the current prices of the cars. A thorough research before you make a decision will save you a lot of unwanted hassle, as there are many people who take advantage of expats who have no knowledge of car prices in the country. Other scams include lying about the interest rates, having hidden costs that become apparent when you make your first payment and other fake fees that they can state are legal requirements, but will most probably not be the case.

So do your research and opt for a leasing service with a good record to save yourself any problem after you lease a vehicle!

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