Hospitals To Ban Flower Bouquets

Posted on June 9, 2017 By

Along with their use in adding beauty to places and things and being used for the purpose of decoration, people have started to realize the other benefits of flowers, including the health value of including edible flowers in their meals. It has been believed over many years that flowers only prove to be beneficial health wise. From helping to cheer up an individual, whether they are just sad about something or down with some illness and stuck in a hospital room. Whatever the case flowers always brighten up your day. So this helps with emotional of an individual. And then there are the various flowers and plants that people tend to make a part of their meal because they bring about physical health benefits like cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention.

But is there another side to the story?
Well hospitals and those involved with research do believe so. They believe that although flowers are a good thing when they are used in a bridal bouquet, and they please people no end. They feel that they should be kept out of hospitals. Why? Because they believe these flowers are a source of infection and as a result lead to health complications. They feel that these flowers can cause spread of bacteria from the water which can end up harming a patient who is surrounded by these flowers all the time. And they also state the dangers of having plants inside the room during the night time, because they tend to consume the oxygen in the room during the night. If you are interested about condolence wreath you can visit this website

Not proven yet
But these health risks have not yet been concretely proven by research. There is no hard and fats evidence to say that this is true of flowers and as a result they should be banned in hospitals. On the contrary when this question was asked from many people, they turned out to have a positive response regarding the subject of flowers and buy hand bouquets in Singapore to the hospital. They stated that most patient s were happy to be surrounded by the flower and this uplifted mood went a long way in helping them recover, be it a minor illness or major surgery. Flowers have been shown to increase the patient’s memory when they are locked up inside a room all day long, along with reducing blood pressure and heart rate. This shows that although there is no proven health risks to patients because of flowers there are many proven health benefits.

So is there then a question of whether we should be carrying a bunch of flowers when were a visiting a loved one at the hospital next time around.

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